Taeyeon’s Message To Us

[From.TAEYEON] Congratulations Sone^^!!!!!!!!!

Sone~~~ Hello~~~~~ ^^
Finally I!! am greeting you like this on our official homepage!! It’s a little late ^^
During our ‘Hoot’ promotions, when the members left posts one by one I thought it will soon be my turn~
Then while waiting we got busy! Because of our promotion.. Back and forth we were busy ^^;
However I like it that I am able to write to you at a meaningful time like this~~~~
First first!!! Something to congratulate!! With Sone and SNSD’s strength together finally!  we were able to receive a nice big~ award!!!! +_+
Clapclapclapclapclap~~~♥ congrats congrats!! kekekeke
Sones with their own things to do.. also with it being the end of the year, I know you must have been busy…
Thank you so so much for voting and sending text messages (to vote?) in your spare time^^
Those devotion stacked up one by one.. and therefore, I think we were granted such a cheerful time like this!
This really.. is difficult to happen without interest and.. love…
Sone… You must really like us a lot huh??????????????????????kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
We congratulated, hugged, laughed and cried with each other a lot amongst ourselves (SNSD)^^ …We were really really happy~~~
One thing we were regretful about was Fany.. She wasn’t able to be with us at that place.
However I was gratified.. She is putting a lot of effort into healing so that the people around her won’t worry^^
She monitored her members who went to go perform on stage very well^^ Ti-manager kekekeke
As regretful it may have been, she came to the celebration right after the ceremony~ We were able to spend a good time^^
As usual, we are real when we are 9 kekeke
Anyways! Like this, I am glad that we became a subsistence need and precious to each other~~~
As Sones has blessed us with precious moments, history, and memories, alternatively, we also will give back to you.
We will always stay healthy and bright! And show you SNSD’s endless charm kekekekekekeke
We still have a long way to go keke
So I hope we can become close friends that are not ashamed of each other and and give plenty of cares to~ ^^
Because it is really the end of the year, finish off well, and do not forget to take the flu shot for the weather that is getting colder!
(You must!!!!! Wash your hands often!!)
Let’s meet at our remaining year-end schedule^^~~~~
I love you♥byebye~~~~

Ah.. also please give lots of love to Athena OST kekekekekekekekkekekekekekekekekekekekekkekekeekeke
Let’s try to do an all-kill again……….

Source | Translation credit: KissMez@tumblr


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