Sunny phonecall @ Chinchin 101210

H: HongChul, S: Sunny

H: SNSD’s Sunny sshi, Sunny, Sunny sshi. Let’s go. A-Yo.
…S: A-Yo
H: Hello.
S: Hi, oppa.
H: Sunny, who shows her attractiveness of cuteness and dorkiness within short times.
S: Hello.
H: Could you greet the listeners?
S: Ok. ChinHan ChinGu’s listeners, hello. I’m SNSD’s Sunny.
H: Uh, I especially like Sunny, so…
S: Realy?
H: So I have a lot of interest in you.
S: You’re lying.
H: As I mentioned earlier, I value your various expressions and winks when you sing your short part. Yeah. Hello? I shouldn’t value them? Hey, Sunny. I won’t like those. Sunny! Sunny! Sunny~! I’ll try to call again. Sometimes when I say I like them, some idols are in shock. I think I should like them moderately. Sunny hung up upon my confession to her.
H: Hello?
S: (Laughs)
H: Sunny? I’m sorry, I will like other members from now on.
S: No, no, no. Hanging up is phone connection’s fun part.
H: You were shocked because I said I like you, right?
S: What?
H: Because I said I like you.
S: No, it’s not that.
H: “I stand on stage not to make you like me. But why do you still like me?” You can think that way. I understand.
S: It’s really not that. I value you as well.
H: Thank you. I’m an instrument? (Value is pronounced as ah-kki, which sounds like ak-kki, which means musical instrument)
S: Hahahaha.
H: Sunny.
S: Yes?
H: Because I have interest in you, I’ve looked on the internet.
S: Yes?
H: On the poll “Who do you think drinks the most?”, Sunny was…
S: No, I’m not…
H: Pardon me, but who much can you drink?
S: I really haven’t drank that much before.
H: So, you never got drunk before? No matter how much you drink.
S: Oppa, stop making me seems like I drink a lot.
H: I’m sorry. Okay, then I’ll ask you necessary questions.
S: Okay.
H: Another year is ending now. What incidents happened around you this year? Were there any incidents that made you proud of yourself?
S: Incidents that made me proud of myself are kind of embarrassing to say it by my own mouth; however, along with our promotion in Japan…
H: Yes.
S: we had our promotions in Korea as well.
H: That’s not something easy. Going back and forth between countries while gaining popularity is something incredible.
S: During the promotions, instead of being proud of myself, I feel like I should do the promotions as best as I could. However, when I see my mileage growing up, I feel proud of myself.
H: Really…even though it’s not far between Korea and Japan, it still grows.
S: (Laughs) Yes.
H: Sunny.
S: Yes?
H: The most, I mean you laugh and smile a lot, right?
S: Yes, yes?
H: What was the incident this year that made you laugh the most?
S: I can’t recall clearly, but I think I’m laughing a lot right now, while talking with you.
H: So, when fans that you don’t desire shout for you, you laugh?
S: No, it’s not, oppa. I want you, I really do.
H: Well, Sunny is always smiling, so…whenever I see you, you are always bright and happy. What’s your secret to being bright all the time?
S: My secret?
H: Yes.
S: My secret to being happy all the time is…drinking?
H: Drinking? (Laughs)
S: Just kidding. Ay, I keep on getting caught into what you want me to say.
H: You were the one who drank it, not me who made you to. It seems like you drink well.
S: No, I don’t
H: I’m just kidding. It’s pleasant to hear your voice. You prepared quizzes for the ChinChin family. Let’s do the quizzes.
S: Okay, my quiz is “It’s been three years since SNSD’s debut. And from time to time, we think of our first stages. The question is what is our debut song?”
H: I’m curious, curious, curious.
S: For those who don’t know, I’ll give you a hint.
H: You’re so kind, this is why you are Sunny.
S: “Saranghae neolineuggim yidaero…”
H: So the question is “What is SNSD’s debut song?” For those who know the answer, please send a message to #8000, which requires 50won. Sunny?
S: Yes?
H: Thank you for your call, and…
S: Yes.
H: And always keep your good work with your brightness!
S: Okay, thank you.
H: Thank you, bbyong!
S: Bbyong!

translation by aslotussmusic, Admin David Ha@


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