YongSeo snowboarding

Seohyun in pink (peach?), Yonghwa in yellow~ recording WGM at Oak Valley, 101214

High cut interview with Jung Yonghwa (This was last December 2009 long before WGM)

Q: If you have a girlfriend?
A: I want to go to ski with her. I want to play on the snow, and ride snowboard together.
If she can’t ride, I will teach her in all sincerity.

WGM Filming fanaccount

But Hey… I saw the YongSeo couple at the skating area. -.- Keke Did Yonghwa know about it? If not for his Yellow Hair/Hat (?), I don’t even know it’s him. Next, Seeing Seohyun pass by me I acted like I don’t even know her. Kekeke Although, I have a camera on my hand… I think it’s for WGM Fliming, both of them headed for the car. What is this… Is this A star’s Fan Account? Keke

Yonghwa skates pretty well, Seohyun completely looks like a beginner. Yonghwa is good at teaching. I’m sure there would be good results. Keke. I don’t know what to say, Just interesting..

I remember that I saw both of them.. They looked very excited…Yonghwa teaching the skills to Seohyun one by one left a deep impression on me. He’s good at skating too. Although Seohyun is still a starter, she still
manage to learn the skills pretty well. When she can’t do a part well, Yonghwa will teach her seriously.

Wow, It’s the first time I’m posting at DC. Today, the skating field suddenly became a Shooting Location.
I saw Yonghwa when he’s sitting. He’s so handsome. Keke. Polite Boy And Trusted Girl Refers to them.. Seohyun is really pretty. They don’t let us take photos. However, I understand the ceww’s feelings and reasons. But I was curious so I took a few, hope I didn’t affect the shoting. T.T

I’m drinking hot tea. Because it’s too cold, I’ll rest for awhile. *^^* Ahh.. THe crew is shooting a couple in their colourful skiing shirts. (?) Before that, I though it’s a skiing CF, Once I went nearer, I realised that it’s WGM’s Seohyun And Yonghwa. I’m so lucky. Keke. I don’t know whether it’s the idol’s pretty face or the small handsome face.. Because My friends all went to have a look at them. It’s so interesting. When I was watching at the side, I keep hearing their happy laughters. Keke, When Yonghwa is taking care of Seohyun, it
left a deep impression on me… My boyfriend should learn from him. *^^*

Translation Credits (From Chinese): WendyLoveSoshi@SoNyuhShiDaeNews
Source: DC Married
Credits: 冻结@Baidu

cr: dc married, kimchiemma@tumblr, bb0bbo2@youtube


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