2011 Calendar Official Pictures from SM

I know some of you will make a comment I-knew-I-had-read-this-entry-before after reading the title.

But you didn’t, the previous entry was only the photographed/scanned version of the calendar, while these new released pictures are official release from SM, therefore they are all have better quality and of course can’t be compare to the previous released.

I don’t know why they only released 3 of them instead of all pictures,  maybe these 3 only a teaser for some people who still hadn’t buy the calendar. LOL

Let’s just hope that later the rest of the pictures will be released also.

Credit and pictures source : Yurui/LovAEnAi

Image copyright : SM Entertainment


One thought on “2011 Calendar Official Pictures from SM

  1. kardo46 says:

    wow its really nice pic 😀

    i’m still waiting this order calendar from ai_sukurimu kasku[s]one

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