SNSD is Artist of the year of 4 biggest digital sites


Dosirak released Top 10 list of 2010 Most Popular Music

Dosirak No.1 Song and Artists/Singer. Fan’s chioce of purchasing music had evolved from album sales (physically) to digital download and streaming since some time ago.Therefore fans are very concerned about the end of year music charts released by the respective music sites.

In dosirak, which artists and song do you think would be the most popular among fans?

On 13th Dec, Dosirak has released the results through a exclusive interview with Star News. 2am’s “Can’t Let You Go Even If i Die” has clinched first in Song Catagory considering both the Downloads + Streaming (From 1st of Jan 2010 to 30th of Nov 2010). The artist category goes to SNSD, showing their immense popularity (Position as follows for the Song Catagory). This year, girl groups has shown a extremely strong power in the digital sales component.

credit: Star News, via: & soneternity



Music portal site Bugs held the ‘2010 Bugs Music Awards’ from November 23rd to December 13th, where SNSD took 3 awards.

There were 12 awards distributed through the ‘2010 Bugs Music Awards’, from this year’s top song, (American) pop song, drama OST, and others. These awards were given to artists based 100% on Bugs music’s 110,000 members votes.

SNSD’s ‘Oh’ was in first with 29,744 votes for the ‘Song of the Year’ award, with 2AM right behind them. They also received awards for ‘Music Video of the Year’ with the same song, as well as ‘Idol of the Year’.

Winners will have a ‘2010 Bugs Music Award’ icon on their name and song for a year, and the artists’ names will have a dedicated Bugs domain.

‘2010 Bugs Music Award’ results can be seen on the event’s homepage (

source: 박정일 기자 @joynews24 translated by: ch0sshi




SNSD crowned Best Artist in 2010 on Soribada

#1 Artist – SNSD
#1 Male Group – 2AM
#1 New Artist – Miss A
#1 Female Solo – IU
#1 Male Solo – Huh Gak
#1 Foreign Artist – Ke$ha
#1 Streaming – Bad Girl Good Girl (Miss A)
#1 Download – Bad Girl Good Girl (Miss A)
#1 Music Video – Bonamana (Super Junior)

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