Music Station, Put It Back On!

Tiffany’s part

「みなさん、お久しぶりです。Mステで復帰するという話を聞いて、クリスマスイブを楽しみにしていました、私。Ah, it’s great to be back on stage! Merry Christmas, everybody! 」

“Everybody, it’s been a while since I appeared on the program last time. I’ve been looking forward to coming here on Christmas Eve since I heard we would come back to Music Station. Ah, it’s great to be back on stage! Merry Christmas, everybody!”

SooYoung’s part

MC:「最初の Super Live ですが、どうですか?」

SooYoung: 「同じ事務所の BoA 先輩や東方神起先輩の出演が決まったときに『ああ、いつか私達も出たいなあ』と思っていたんですが、そのステージに少女時代として出れるようになって、すごく光栄だなあと思っています。」

MC: “This is your first appearance on the Super Live. What do you think now?”

SooYoung: “When I heard earlier the news of our seniors, BoA and TVXQ ‘s appearances on the live, I wished we would like to appear on the live as well someday. It’s a great honor for us SNSD to be here now on the stage of the live.”

SeoHyun’s part


SeoHyun: 「私達のセカンドシングル “Gee” がオリコンデイリーチャートで一位になった時、その話を韓国のステージの途中で聞いたんですが、すごく嬉しくて、メンバーと抱き合って盛り上がったのが印象に残っています。」

MC: What is the most memorable thing since you made the Japan debut this year?

SeoHyun: When our second single “Gee” achieved No.1 on Oricon Daily Chart, we heard the news in the middle of a stage performance in Korea. We were so happy and excited that we embraced each other to celebrate. It was the most memorable.

Yuri’s part


“I want to be better at Japanese the next year and we want to try a nation-wide concert tour in Japan.”

Yuri had trouble saying the last part of the sentence and SooYoung helped her.

translation by hiros2008@twitter

SNSD Tiffany’s Japanese Improvement


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