New Snowy Wish MV

Finally a better version of this MV has been released by Daum last night.

Even though the resolution is still the same, but the quality is definitely better.

If you prefer the original rip version from Daum, here’s the download link and screencap :

Download Link @FilezUp

Password for the file is : kaskusone


And as an addition the MV with English Subs version :


Still waiting if someday SME/Daum will released another version (at least 720p/HD like usual MV)??

Me too! Kekeke


Credit :

  • Yurui912@twitter for the tip of the released
  • soshified for the youtube version and translation
  • tiff4best@SSF for the english subbed video

2 thoughts on “New Snowy Wish MV

  1. kardo46 says:

    mantab dah nih video 😀

    baru liat gw ada klip yang isinya behind the scene semuanya 😀

    SNSD jjang!!!

  2. britpoper says:

    Baby baby belom liat emang do?? LOL

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