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[engsub] SNSD, Yesung, Eeteuk, BEAST, MBLAQ (2nd half part)



translate by kissmez


– SNSD will be picking the member they will NOT want to have as their daughter!

– Maknae Seohyun reveals that Hyoyeon is the king of online shopping

– Who will SNSD choose as the best son-in-law? (Amongst Eeteuk, Yesung, Kikwang, Yoseob, Mir and Lee Joon)?

– There will be a impersonation parade to impress their mother-in-law’s!


Part 1 – Right now it’s obedient daughter generation

“I want to be this kind of daughter” segment
Yoona: I want to be a daughter that can express herself more. I’m very unsociable and when I go home I don’t talk much, so I want to say stuff I couldn’t tell them up until now.

Sooyoung: My mom keeps telling me to date and get a boyfriend. She tells me that very often. I want to be able to introduce her to a guy that she would like this year.

Seohyun: I, too, want to be a daughter that shows a lot of affection and aegyo to my parents.
YJS: It looks like you will do that a lot
Seohyun: Honestly, I don’t have a lot of aegyo
Wonhee: Why don’t say (I love you) in Japanese again?
Seohyun says aishteru and adds yo at the end (yo represents formality)
Sunny: I thought this ever since I was young, but I want to be a son-like daughter. Since my parents had me very late and I only have unnies, I wanted be a daughter that is like a son.
YJS: So you want to be a son?
The girls burst out in laughter and Sunny says no~
YJS: Oh never mind, I guess I misunderstood. You want to be a dependable daughter~

Taeyeon: I’ve been so busy so I was unable to call them.  I want to be able to talk to them often.

Part 2

Pick the member you would want as your daughter

Taeyeon’s reason for picking Sooyoung: She meets her mom often like a friend. There are many times when they go eat together. They make many plans.

Sunny chose Seohyun: If I have Seohyun as a daughter, I don’t think there would be anything to worry about. She does everything on her own, studies well on her own…
Wonhee: Since she’s maknae, doesn’t she have any childish behavior?
Sunny: She’s mature, but she does lack versatility.

Hyoeon —> Sunny: Sunny has SO much aegyo. Just one phone call is already so loveable.
The members start to imitate her, so Won Hee asks if that really is her mom LOL
Jessica: We even asked her that
Sunny: The members asked me if “mom” was just an alias

Yuri chose Seohyun:  Seohyun performs exactly as she is taught. So I think if she is just taught well when she is young, she will grow up well on her own.
Na Young: Won’t that be boring for the parents though?
Jaesuk: Why?
Na Young: Her parents should be able to take joy in worrying about her kid for once..

Sooyoung chose herself lol

Yoona —> Sooyoung: She meets her mom often and even though she isn’t affectionate all the time, you can still sense their friendship.

Part 3

Member you wouldn’t want as your daughter

Yuri chose Seohyun as the member she would want and wouldn’t want as a daughter. LOL she said she’s a good daughter, but she wouldn’t want her as her own daughter because doesn’t like the “boring type.”
Yuri:I want to be able to teach her stuff, but Seohyun does things off her own so well. I think she will do things better than her mom. I feel like she’ll teach her mom instead.

Na Young reveals that Seohyun chose Taeyeon:
Taeyeon: Why?! Why me?
Seohyun: I didn’t know who to pick so I just pushed a random button
Taeyeon: Oh was that the reason?
Jaesuk: You just pushed and it happened to be Taeyeon?
Seohyun: Yes
Jaesuk: Why?
Seohyun: When thinking about the reason why… it’s because she lives far away from her parents so her parents must miss her a lot. I understand Taeyeon though because if you talk on the phone and hang up, you miss them even more. There were times when we were able to rest for one or two days but Taeyeon didn’t go home. Therefore, if I was in her mother’s position, I would be sad.
Wonhee: Where do you live?
Taeyeon: I live in Jeulado area so roundtrip it takes about 6 hours. My parents keep insisting that they would drive me back.
Jaesuk: That’s uncomforable for both.
Taeyeon: Yes. That means after they drop me off, they have to drive back for another 3 hours back.
Wonhee: Just meet in the middle

Yoona chose Seohyun: She wants Seohyun to go out and meet friends like people her age, but she doesn’t.

Sooyoung: There was a time when Seohyun decided to go play like “people her age.” One day she made plans to go out with her friend. Unfortunately, we had a schedule planned that day so I saw her pleading with the manager and that was the first time I saw Seohyun curse.
Everyone: CURSE?
(Sooyoung actually said Yo gu which means demand/request, but everyone heard it as yok which means curse)
Jaesuk: That shocked me!
Sooyoung: I saw her requesting (to the manager) and she usually the type to just follow and listen well (so she must have thought that Seohyun really wanted to go out and have fun). She said “that day I made plans with a friend to take a stroll at Kyungbok palace (famous historical site?). I must go to the stone wall street (place at the palace?) that day, isn’t there a way you can cancel the schedule?”
Wonhee: So did you end up going?
Seohyun: We made plans to wear traditional Korean dresses (hanbok) to Kyungbok, but we were unable to go.
Everyone: OMG!
Seohyun: When I was 19, me and my friends wrote down that down as one of the things we wanted to do so I will eventually do it one day.
(This is basically to show that Seohyun doesn’t really act her age lol when she should be having fun, she is thinking about taking a stroll at a historical/cultural site instead lol).

Jessica chose Seohyun as well.
Jessica: Seohyun doesn’t eat fast food at all. She’s the type to think that if she you fast food you will die. When I was young, I always told my mom that I wanted to eat this and that so my mom always bought it for me and ate it with me. I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy that with her.
Wonhee: I bet if her mom offers to buy it for her, she will reject it.
Yuri (talking as if she was Seohyun): “Mom if you eat that a lot, you’ll die”
Jessica (talking as if she was Seohyun): “Mom have some gogumma”
Wonhee: So you don’t eat fast food?
Seohyun: No I ate it before. I ate it when I was young, but now I must protect my health. So if I’m not in a situation where I must eat it, I don’t.
Wonhee: Then what do you like?
Na Young: She likes goguma
Seohyun: Yes, gogumma
Na Young: She comes out on WGM but 1/3 she talks about gogumma.

Taeyeon: Hyoyeon likes shopping a lot. If I was her mom, I think that would be burdensome.
Hyoyeon: With the money I raised with my hardwork, I feel like I need to present myself accordingly.
Seohyun: I’m roommates with Hyoyeon and there was a time when she was eagerly internet shopping so I asked what she was looking at. She said “I want to buy this for my mom”, but she’s looking at coats when she said she wanted to buy her gloves so I asked if she’s buying those for her mom as well and she said she was looking at the coats for herself.
Hyoyeon: It’s the thought that counts.

Jaesuk: Yuri was part of the list, who chose Yuri?
Hyoyeon: I chose Yuri. If you live in the dorm, you have a lot of things that you need. She thinks of her health a lot too. In the morning she grinds Ma together with Seohyun. I saw her ask her mom to bring her some more Ma when they ran out, so I think it would very irritating for her mom.
Jaesuk: Yes that would be quite irritating (if Hyoyeon was Yuri’s mom). Hyoyeon needs to internet shop but if Yuri keeps requesting for Ma, it can be bothersome.
Yuri: My mom said that she wants to see me even for those reasons.
Wonhee: So your mom brings it to you?
Yuri: Yes, she brings it. I’m very thankful for that
Wonhee: What is Ma good for?
Yuri: It helps your digestive system

Part 4

A moment of disobedience towards your parent

Taeyeon: Whenever there is a new cell phone product, I always ask my parents to buy it for me

Sunny: I didn’t really go through rebellion (in adolescence) so I never fought or rebelled against my parents. But after I debuted, it started happening. I wouldn’t talk to my parents. My parents noticed this, but they wouldn’t say anything and hold back. Then I got a call from my sister who is living in the States. She told me that my parents wanted to punish me, but they held back reasoning that work must be that hard for me to react that way. After hearing that, I felt so sorry.

Wonhee: What about you Hyoyeon?
Hyoyeon: I can’t think of any

Hyoyeon: When I go out on shows, I should talk a lot and adapt well to the environment so that my mom can see me a lot on camera, but my brain doesn’t function that fast. Because of that, I didn’t have a lot of confidence. I had to practice my pronunciation too. At first, people that met me for the first time asked me if I was from overseas.
Wonhee: Is it only on broadcast?
Hyoyeon: Only on camera
(Jessica on the side:  she’s normally like that)”
Hyoyeon: I’m not normally like that!
Normally, I talk really well and have a lot of confidence, but whenever I’m on shows I keep thinking that I have to do well. I don’t want to say something wrong. So my mom was unable to see me on broadcasts. There was even a time when she asked “were you not on that show?” In that one hour broadcast, I didn’t say a single word so I started reading more books and practicing pronunciation even more. It’s a self-development too.
Jaesuk: you’re doing very well today
Seohyun: I’m her roommate, but she really does read a lot of books.
Jaesuk: What kind of books?
Hyoyeon: I asked Seohyun for book recommendation and she suggested a book…. so I’m planning to read it
Seohyun: She keeps asking for recommendation but the books never come back. She does put a lot of effort into it.
Jaesuk: So is the book still on your table?
Hyoyeon: I have to look for it.
Sooyoung: The type of books Hyoyeon has is books such as “how to be a career woman” “rules on how to become a successful woman” and stuff like that.
Hyoyeon: I read those books but starting from the childhood is so different.
Jaesuk: What was so different about the book and your childhood?
Hyoyeon: The book says that if you fall seven times, you get up and attempt again, but when I fell, I gave up and did something else.
Wonhee: You have such a cool personality. Why wait to fall seven times? Fall the first time and try something else.

Jaesuk: What about you Seohyun? Do you have one? It doesn’t seem like you will.
Seohyun: No I do. Being the only child, I was able to receive a lot of love from them while growing up. But now I’m in my 20’s and must start facing society so I felt like I had the need to be independent. Like Yuri said, when I need something, my parents does it for me just so that they can see my face, but I purposely deny it and say that I can do it on my own. I’m regretful of that because my parents think I already grew up (perhaps too fast?)

Jaesuk: What about you Sooyoung?
Sooyoung: I think just the fact that I chose this career is something that I’m sorry about to my parents. I chose this path because I enjoyed it, but it’s not the same for my parents. Whenever people talk about me in a bad way, my mom once told me that she wanted to go up somewhere and yell “my daughter is not that type of person” and asked how she was supposed to let go of this unjustness. If I weren’t a celebrity, she wouldn’t have to experience stuff like this. I’m very sorry for my parents having to go through that because of my choice in career.

Yoona: Whenever there is a bad comment online, our families worry a lot. There was a time when I cried saying it was too hard. My dad always thinks I’ll have a hard time and a lot of stress so when I go home, he tells me to rest comfortably. He doesn’t talk much so that I can just rest. My dad told me to not worry about the family and do what I want to do (career-wise) if it makes even just a little bit of my stress disappear

part 5

Proudest filial piety (obedience to parents)?

Hyoyeon got insurance for her family.

Sunny: Just the fact that I was born should be a filial piety.
(Everyone is speechless lol)
Sunny: I’m just kidding. To be honest,  shortly after I was born my mom was very sick. She was able to overcome her sickness while looking at me and saying “I must live to save her”

Yesung: I lived apart from my parents for a long time and recently they were able to move to Seoul. My father got hurt badly, so I set up a resturant for him. I feel like I wasn’t very thoughtful of my mom though because she gets tired from doing kitchen work (at the shop) so we’re looking to see if we can change it to a coffee shop instead. Just the fact that I’m able to see them often now makes me very happy.

Mir: I live in the country side so there’s a lot of tension with our neighbors (due to agricultural purposes). Therefore, I wanted my dad to feel good so I bought him four cows!
I was originally going to buy two, but the person who lives behind us bought 3!

Seohyun: Buying stuff for our parents is definitely a filial piety, but in my opinion being a daughter that they can be proud of is the biggest filial piety you can do. Working hard in our self-development (enlightment) so that our parents won’t worry is very important.

Jaesuk: Was there a time when you weren’t?
Lee Teuk: In high school, I had a gf. One day we were walking down the street after watching a movie and about 200meter away my mom was jogging towards us. At that time, we should have greeted her but I pretended not to see her. I was scared that I was going to get in trouble.
I thought my mom didn’t see, but my older sister came up to me and told me about it. She told me that her heart ached because she thought her son would greet him when he’s with his girlfriend.

Jaesuk: Seohyun what would you do if you were in the same situation (as Lee Teuk)
Seohyun: Of course I would greet my mom.
Jaesuk: What if you told your mom “mom, this is my boyfriend” and your mom responded with “what do you think you’re doing?” what would you do?
Seohyun: My parents aren’t the type to do that.
Jaesuk: This is so frustrating… we’re just saying what if!
Wonhee: Then what if your parents were in opposition of your future marriage?
Seohyun: Then I would ask why they are against it.
(Acting out the scene)
Jaesuk: You shouldn’t be dating! You’re in a time enlightenment!
Seohyun: I’m working hard in self-development and he is someone that assists me in this time.
Wonhee: No, we reject!
Seohyun: Please tell me what you don’t like about him
Jaesuk quits and goes: Seohyun isn’t the type of person to have a marriage that her parents will object, but wow she is stubborn.

Note: the whole part about Seohyun’s self-development / enlightment can be a bit confusing. I didn’t know exactly how to translate that part into English and that was the best I could do. They’re basically talking about the time of developing yourself as a person, etc.


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