Gom Audio With Soshi Skin Tutorial

First thing first, download gomaudio installer : here

To install gomaudio to your computer, just click next.

Note : All the installation menu is in Hangul, but if you familiar with computer you will not find it’s hard to guess which one to click for next :p

Then, download the skin : here

Even if you can’t read hangul, it’s quite simple so you can easily find which skin that you want. The file extension of the skin is *.gas.

After you had installed GOM Audio and download the skin, here comes the  most important part, change the skin.
To do that, Press F5, a setting window will appear :

See the red circle one on image to know which button you need to click.

After that, another window will appear.

Just choose which *.gas file that you had downloaded before. Click OK.

Voila :

P.S :

  • If some parts of the gom audio is missing, try press F7, F8 or F9
  • Also,  you canchange the skin player only with double click on *.gas file.
  • For a lot bunch of the skins download : Click Here

Thanks to : faldiho, ai_sukurimu, thsutleo, aegyodeer219


One thought on “Gom Audio With Soshi Skin Tutorial

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