Intel Showcase 110118



note from me: it’s better if you visit page from original uploader too and leave your thanks there

cr KSoNEs, uploader on channel via kasku[sone]rs, eve_wu
compiled by albusseverus@kaskusone



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8 thoughts on “Intel Showcase 110118

  1. ado46 says:

    wow keren gan :thumbup

    ga cape2 lagi nge rekap 😀

    kalo bisa gw cendolin nih wp :ngakak

  2. minhanh says:

    thanks for compiling all the pics

  3. juztguess says:


  4. sarah says:

    mksdnya capa 3 (VD) tu apa ya ?
    thanks ^^

  5. Lichking says:

    What about cookieandcream?
    I don’t have an account of that site, so i can’t save pics from it =(
    Thanks for compiling all pics!

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