We finally written in an article by detik.com


Jakarta,  Are you one of a fan South Korea girl group SNSD? You can join fill in a petition to bring them to Jakarta. This petition was made online by Indonesian SONE which is consist of Kasku[S]one, Indososhi, S2i forum, SONE IDWS and many more. They want to make a survey on how much people want SNSD to peform in Jakarta.

“We ask participation and help from SONE or KPOP Lovers to fill in the petition. Your contribution will be very valuable for us to continue this effort to the next level”.

In the petition, there were also a survey about how much they willing to buy a ticket to SNSD concert. Want to fill in the petition? Click Here!


Note : detik is one of the famous and big online news portal in Indonesia which cover pretty much all topic (not just SNSD).

Original Article

By gaining attention from detik this activity surely have gotten attention to a wider public, as many people read detik.

At first the petition only spread via twitter/fansite/forum/facebook account that is exclusively accessible and knowable by SONE only.

Hopefully this coverage can really help make the goal of the petition come true. In the mean time we only can continue  the effort and keep the dream alive.


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