3rd Album 「The Boys」

  • Teaser video on Oct 1
  • The title song will be released on Oct 4.
  • Other songs will be released on Oct 5.
  • comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on Oct 7th.
  • MBC Music Core on Oct 8th.
  • SBS Inkigayo on 9th.
  • The title song 「The Boys」has two versions (Korean/English)
  • The title song is composed and arranged by Teddy Riley.
  • The album will be available on iTunes (not only Korea, but also other countires).
  • The teaser image of each member will be released in order from Sep 26th.

teaser pic



2nd day

3rd day

4th day

album cover

track list

1. The Boys
2. 텔레파시 (Telepathy)
3. Say Yes
4. TRiCK
5. 봄날 (How great is your love) <~ lyric by Sooyoung 
6. My J
7. Oscar
8. Top secret
9. Lazy Girl
10. 제자리걸음 (Sunflower)
11. 비타민 (Vitamin) <~ Vitamin is the fullsong of Vita500’s cf song
12. Mr.Taxi (Kr. Version)

sebelumnya udah ada tanda2 alias leak dari sooyung n soshi. cekidot!

  • 110910 Sooyoung UFO http://bit.ly/r3qyTR

    [fan] Spoiler Sooyoung… Please leak some rumours to us..
    [SY] I will shut my mouth.. This time for real!!ㅠㅠ

    (p.s: How k-sone analyzed Sooyoung’s UFO: the sentence “for real” (진짜로) had an extra “오” behind (she wrote 진짜로오), 오 means “5” in Korean, so people guess it could be “comeback song releases on 5th of oct”.)

  • Soshi’s fingers after filming of the comeback MV. Teaser pics tweeted by SM perf. director Shim JaewonRT @Famous_Jae
    우리는 작업중..! 우리는 작업중…! 우리는 작업중….! 나도 멤버임..? ㅋㅋㅋ 빠진 칭구는 뉘규? http://twitpic.com/6oa0l1RT @Famous_Jae
    우리는 작업중..! 우리는 작업중…! 우리는 작업중….! 나도 멤버임..? ㅋㅋㅋ 빠진 칭구는 뉘규? http://twitpic.com/6oa1upRT @Famous_Jae
    애들이 전해달래요… Coming Soon..! Let’s go! Sosi! Let’s go!! http://twitpic.com/6os7ig


source: Yurui

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