111221 Fame musical


fancamnya hampir sama semua.. mungkin yang bebas ngerekam pas bagian akhir2 aja kali 


note credit: dL link by superbeo (direct link); DL heartbreakn with preview at her tumblr 

more stuff

Fany & TaeSun & Kon

 *klik img

RT @AllRiseSilver 퐈니야!!!!! 첫공축하한다잉~ 수고해써!!!! 엄청잘했구~ 남은공연두 퐈니팅!!!!!!!! FAME!!!!!!!!


Fany-ya!!!!! Congratulations for first stage hing~ good job!!!! Very good~ the rest of performances are also FIGHTING!!!!!!!! FAME!!!!!!!!


RT @AllRiseSilver 카르멘디아즈 & 타이런잭슨 FAME!!!!!!!!


Sooyoung’s message to Fany: “CarMiyeong, You are always cool to your bones”.


Message from Tiffany’s uncle, assistant chief director of a hospital:
“Congrats to Tiffany’s musical performance.”

trans by imwhywhy

Today Tiffany recieved total 2441 kg of rice for her first musical performance from Sones


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