120323 Incheon & Kuala Lumpur Airport

Incheon Airport The girls off to malaysia



Kuala Lumpur Airport


  • MAS [k]
  • michaelhze [dc] [dL]
  • sara de souza [dL]
  • szucalcium [sf] [dL]


(on Incheon)
“Fany is so nice^^The security was very tight today. I wanted to give chocolate to Tiffany but I was pushed away immediately by the bodyguard. I thought I could not give her anymore. Tiffany saw and walked to me. She took out her hand and I quickly passed her the chocolate. I was again pushed far back by the bodyguard. I stood there quietly. Tiffany turned her head and gave me a one big smile. She waved at me with the chocolate in her hand and said “Thank you” (in english). I was so touched.”
cr: 拉麵
translated by wooritaetae

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