Love Rain captures (YoonA)

ep 5 (120409)

ep 6 (120410)

caps from episode 01 …

dibuang sayang.. mungkin itu kata2 yg tepat kenapa ane bikin list ginian XD

love rain is too beatiful, so i make this link captures list. i will make download link per fansite later when this drama end. or if you have download link, please dont shy to leave comment or mention @thsutleoupdates

fashion king (Yuri) captures index also has been created, but still in private mode. just tell me if you want to make that post public ^^

ep 1 (120326)

ep 2 (120327)

ep 3 (120402)

ep 4 (120403)

ep 5 (120409)

ep 6 (120410)


One thought on “Love Rain captures (YoonA)

  1. Tatoen says:

    thanks thanks thanks!!!..You!..
    very much!
    woooooow!..this is the best drama of year.
    Yoona is the best actress…I love Yoona.

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