120615~120616 Coming Step store visit (Jessica)

tadinya gw mo hiatus….. tapi aaaaaaaargh sica nya T____T

klo ada updatean gw lagi males update di twitter. kerja jadi ekstra, so cek sendiri ye



 *note: P1 = part 1



4 thoughts on “120615~120616 Coming Step store visit (Jessica)

  1. vano19 says:

    kk jgn bosen2 update~ kk kiblat kita ~.~

  2. phe pie says:

    Yes, why you not update anymore nowadays? Are you busy? I hope you want and will update soon. Your blog really help me to compile all of wonderful SoShi’s photos. Thanks for share the photos before and sorry if my post disturb your activities. Just ignore it. See you soon.

  3. phe pie says:

    Oh, one more thing. Maybe it’s not important, but i just realized that your title blog is same like printed text at Sica’s clothes when she back from SM Town Taiwan 06.10.12 in TaoYuan airport. “Here comes trouble”, hmm firstly I think you really have troubles, but fortunately you’re fine. I think you really a hardcore Gorjess Spazzer, right? ^^

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