120712 Yeosu World Expo



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11 thoughts on “120712 Yeosu World Expo

  1. phe pie says:

    Thx for your hardwork always. I am really appreciate that. ^^

  2. Ogii says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  3. daniel says:

    you’re jjang!!
    but i still struggle downloading 2011 compilation T,T
    my connection is kind of suck -_-
    kekeke 😀

  4. phe pie says:

    No more updates? Hmm, I think you’re busy lately. Don’t worry, I will not force you to update soon (besides I haven’t authority for that), but I still and will always waiting (and checking your blog everyday) for tons of wonderful SoShi’s pictures. For a while, I thought I should browse from other sources until your new updates, but your blog always preferable because it’s the most complete than others (Arghh, I must learn and upgrades my English).
    Sorry if my post disturb you and thank you for your attentions.^^

  5. phe pie says:

    Thanks to approve my account yesterday. Still curious why you block your blog?^^

    • @_wptlzk says:

      i plan to shutdown thsutleo.wordpress. for me, this blog become a burden. people keep visiting for checking any new entry or not, but i cant continue maintain this blog alone

      • anon says:

        DDD; please don’t shutdown this blog. you can post an announcement that you can’t update this blog anymore or something but please don’t shutdown this blog. i haven’t dl everything yet.. :(((

      • knieves says:

        please dont shutdown this wonderful blog,we know you hv another work to do. so feel free to update anytime you can. dont be burden.
        we are happy this blog exist 🙂

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