120818 SMTown World Tour 3 in Seoul

video [etn]



oraenmane~ dah lama ga publish ngepost disini. staff kerja sendirian dan lagi sibuk2nya lebaran. disempetin buat ngindex tsunami pic/fancam smtown :@@ lebih dari 4000P . thanks to all photographer and uploaders



16 thoughts on “120818 SMTown World Tour 3 in Seoul

  1. Azure says:

    You are back!

  2. phe pie says:

    Wow, really shocked.Do you have a plan to update all pictures from 07.23.12 Yoona Gimpo Airport until SM Town Seoul? Or you will skip them and just update SM Town Seoul? But it’s no problem now, as long as you back and upadate. I just really happy with your update post. Thank you so so so much. Really appreciate your hardwork.^^

    • @_wptlzk says:

      i dunno.. it depend on i have time or not to backtrack and checking every fansite.

      and after smtown seoul maybe i will inactive again .__. sorry

      note: minor update marked with red star *

      • phe pie says:

        Hmm, according tour reply from previous and this posts, you will not to continue tour blog again or at least rest for a time could not be determined. Honestly, it’s so sad and unfortunate. But, it’s your blog and it’s your authority. I must respect with your decision.^^ It’s okay even if it hurts (I just duplicate Hyunnie aka SeoHyun).
        Thanks again for your hardwork all this time (and of course for your last gift to us).^^
        Like I said on your previous posts, it’s no problem, I will browse from other sources. Maybe if you deign, may you give me suggestions where I can find links for folder compilations like you always tag on your blog? If you do not want to share it here, maybe you can reply to my e-mail: pie_phe@yahoo.com
        If my post not desire or disturb you, like usual, just ignore it.
        Really really really big and thousand thanks always. Proud to be SONE always!!! XD Oh, and good luck for what everything you do. ^^
        Phe Pie

      • phe pie says:

        Sorry, typo in the first 2 rows. It should be written ‘your’ and not ‘tour’ ^^

  3. kinetickin31 says:

    Reblogged this on Of Rambles and Inner Turmoils.

  4. kinetickin31 says:

    Oh hells, i am soooo outdated with the pics. thanks for backtracking and compiling everything~ ;3

  5. thank you so much <3333333

  6. knieves says:

    buat ini aku harus bilang SUPER DUPER WOW!!!!!
    berjuta makasih udah update lagi :cheers
    really,this blog is the best blog i’ve ever seen :thumbup
    tiap buka browser yang pertama aku buka pasti thsutleo,the best way to get many documentation of soshi….. :grin
    thsutleo fighting!!!!

  7. sarah says:

    plisss.. bikin compilation pic nya SNSD di 14th China_Korea festival di Yeosu… *hopeless nyari web yg isinya pic compilation* 😦

  8. knieves says:

    ada compilation utk LOOK yang SoShi yg mereka nge dance gangnam gak? gomawoyo

  9. @Zulmye says:

    really appriciate for your hard work

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