121110 SBS super concert LA







7 thoughts on “121110 SBS super concert LA

  1. phe pie says:

    I think it must be after 121109 incheon airport – LAX airport’s page. But still and always thank you for your compilations.^^ I almost skip that, but fortunately for checking and traace back your blog.^^ By the way, as always, USA fans fantaken photos always heavy and high quality. ^^b

  2. 920315 says:

    you always comment too. thanks ^^ it was always hard to index fancam and pics if soshi had overseas event . lol

    • phe pie says:

      Oh, hear you says like that, I more appreciate your hardwork. i think as downloader, who just can download, we must leave two cents to appreciate the compiler like you. Besides that, your blog is the most complete.^^
      By the way, for the events, it is the most complete, but for airport, may you can checkt his site. http://airportsoshi.com/data
      It contains lots of SoShi’s airport photos, include not famous sites, like: Expecto Patronum, With YoonHyun, Egg, ra:Myun, Always With You, Limmy Bum, Doolki, etc.^^ I always completed my airport collections from your blog n this site (especially, if I can’t access your link). Maybe it can be my really little contributions for your blog? i hope so.^^
      At the end of all, thank your for update always, keep fighting.^^

  3. Soshi Ninja says:

    Thanks alot for these awesome pics!!! I’m gonna wait the full update on this event and its compilation folder hehehe xD!

    Thank You! :3

  4. knv says:

    makasih banget thsutleo buat update terus..
    koleksiku makin komplit,all credit goes to thsutleo :clap clap
    million thanks from my deepest SONE heart :bow 90 degree
    *boleh request compilation LOOK concert gak? keren bangeet kan soshi banyak becandanya di ditu.
    before and after all kamsa hamnida 🙂

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