130123 Legally blonde (jessica) ~ cmiyc (sunny)


130123 legally blonde



130123 cmiyc



4 thoughts on “130123 Legally blonde (jessica) ~ cmiyc (sunny)

  1. phepie says:

    Thank you Thustleo. XD

  2. phepie9 says:

    Why your next post for 241113 KBS Music Bank & IGAB FanSign Event @ COEX disappeared? Is there any problem or are you remove it with some reasons?
    I have not finished download them all. It’s almost finish, but just little parts……. Can you re-upload it? Or share me the links again (e-mail me maybe)? Please, it’s just little parts. Please. >.<

  3. phepie9 says:

    Thank you for re-upload them again. Now I can completing my collections. Thank you again. XD

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